Do & Don'ts

When you’re in a lock or security bind, it’s only natural to want to have a crack at the problem yourself. If you’re in the mind set, have look over our helpful list of Dos & Don’ts before you get in too deep. 

Do remember to stay calm. Whether you locked your keys in the house or car or misplaced the garage door opener, the situation will not get solved in a state of panic. 

Don’t result to extreme actions, unless otherwise advised by professionals, to get to your keys or open a door. You could sustain an injury or receive a penalty for trying to break in a window or door. 

Do keep helpful tools on hand. If you frequently find yourself locking yourself out of your home, office or car, place a hidden key in a secured and lesser known hiding place. This will help you ease the stress and get inside safely. 

Don’t be afraid to call us at anytime of day to help you solve your security problems. We arrive quickly and offer you the professional touch you may need. 

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